Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Love with Love

I guess I am in love with love. Why else would I still fall in?
Every time I see my husband's smile, it all begins again.
I am the same way about my children and their kids
I feel as great a love for them today as I ever did.

There are certain friends and some of my close relations
That cause me to feel the same sense of immense elation.
It hurts the most in love when we give some of ourselves
But the loved doesn't allow any of themselves to, in us, dwell.

Expressed emotion scares those who see love as simply action,
And don't trust feelings that are based on mutual attraction.
While it is true that all fires of passion wax and wane,
Truly committed love will always remain the same.

I believe that passion and commitment can exist together.
For me, the many ways of expressing love feels better
Than silently doing all the things that must be done.
Commitment shouldn't preclude having a bit of fun.

"Let the good times roll," is part of Louisiana life.
"Work hard; play harder," is our response to strife.
We laugh hard, and cry hard, and love just the same
We hold little back very while we, on this earth, remain.

1 comment:

  1. It is wonderful, the feelings brought by the smile of someone we LOVE!

    Love the attitudes of the Cajun Country!