Friday, May 25, 2012

Limitless Love

It seems to me that the question is not whether God, Yahweh, Allah is a person, but whether God, Yahweh, Allah is also other forms of energy and matter. I think the answer is yes, and that we are each able to "see" The Divine in many manifestations: rivers of milk and honey, manna, a parting sea, a burning bush, a bit of bread and wine, a man living a perfect life physically ministering to others and giving his life to show his sincerity, a flame descending from the heavens onto our heads. Each of us is given a gift of experience in the manner that will be most effective for our souls. Mostly, I experience The Divine in the eyes, voices, touches, work, and smells of other people as they share their bits of Divine Energy with me.

It believe it is wrong to pretend that my manifestation is the only valid "face" of Divinity. This is probably why the Jews had laws against physical representations of The Almighty. It is too limiting. I find myself praying to all those who came before me, physically living and physically dead. When I ask a friend for a favor, with full faith that this friend will respond lovingly to my need, this is as much a prayer in my life as any other prayer that I pray.When friends simply show up, and I don't even know how they knew my need, this is as much Divine intervention as any other gift of Grace.

My beloved Richard wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for my angels on earth who held me and him while he lay in a coma. Would it have been the will of The Almighty to take him if these people didn't show up to intervene? Probably, but their love for him and me was so great that they were willing to pour it out onto us until our light was strong enough to go on again alone. Would we have had the same result if we had all simply sat in a circle and prayed. I'll never know, but I don't think so.

Two physician friends, with two specialties that were needed to save him "happened" to be our best friends and "happened" to show up at the critical times in the critical places. My daughter and son and their children came and loved us with huge passion for physical life. Other friends brought toiletries and clean undies for me. Some simply prayed. One called and made me laugh. Some came to visit, and some who couldn't bear to come sent their spouses in their stead. One prayed and gave her blood.

These are manifestations of "the image and likeness" of The Almighty in which I believe. These people choose to use their talents to help me. I believe it negates their sacrifice to thank "God" without acknowledging the human hands which feed my soul while ministering to my body.

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  1. We need friends who are in the likeness of God. It is a wonderful thing that you guys have them!!!