Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Suffering and Salvation

There seems to be basic disagreement on what constitutes salvation.
Is the proof of faith the way we act or simply spiritual contemplation?
Is feeling guilty for harming others enough to cleanse one's soul,
Or do we have an obligation to attempt to make relationships whole?

I believe it is a misunderstanding of suffering as cleansing;
It is only through celebration that we help the earth's mending.
This means sharing other's joys as well as sometimes their pain,
But only sharing in the hurts that will lead to fruitful  gains.

Suffering may look like sacrifice to the casual observer,
But many use it to their own manipulative agendas further.
Parents complain about their progeny like the children chose life,
Acting as if parental actions didn't cause their parental strife.

Some people embrace their weaknesses with obvious elation,
Expecting that their suffering deserves others ministrations.
Sharing the good in life seems a greater responsibility;
Taking on the weaknesses of others won't make them pain free.

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  1. Jesus did the suffering so we don't have to!