Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creation and Chromosomes

One of my greatest fears is that, one day, there will be no men. The science is progressing to the point that we are almost able to clone mammals. All that will be necessary for procreation will be a few cells and a womb, with a bit of scientific hocus-pocus added. I'm not sure many of us have stopped to consider that there will be no need of men, once mammalian cloning is possible.

Men have been in awe of our ability to procreate since the dawn of homo sapiens' sentience. We have been taught by much of religion to believe that awe is the same as fear. I am in awe of my husband's abilities, but I certainly don't fear him. I celebrate that he can do so many of the things I only dream of doing.

My mission is to take all human "faces" off of The Divine Energy that makes our universe exist. If Einstein was correct, all matter is energy manifested in physical forms. I like to believe that Einstein was, and is, correct. This would possibly mean that what we call "The Big Bang" is the beginning of manifestations of matter from The Divine Energy in the Universe. This is what I choose to believe.

Chromosomes are what we call those bits of matter that form us. "X" chromosomes contain some of our "female" traits; "Y" chromosomes contain some of our "male" traits. I believe we need both types of traits, and I love the ways of my males who seem to have quite a great deal of "Y," both literally and figuratively.

I don't want an "X" rated world. I want my "Y", also.


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