Saturday, July 14, 2012

Freedom and Fathering

The days of knights in shining armor are long since gone;
The men who join us in partnership protect us from harm.
If we can all become grateful for the parts we all play,
Perhaps the bonds of marriage will, one day, manage to stay.
How wonderful it will be when our men outlive us women;
Maybe then, all of us, can be be seen as friends.
The women will stop acting as those who protect
The men, whom our society, continues to reject.

We will decide what we lack to bring up our babes;
And, by all of our society, we should be praised.
There will be no more measuring each generation
By the respective positions in parents' life's stations.

It does take baby boys longer to gain their strength;
When fathers are absent to teach them for what they're meant
While becoming men, once they are removed from mama's arms,
Where are the real men, to protect the boys from harm?

Why do we continue to have men following like dumb sheep,
Instead of making societal rules that  they are willing to keep?
We women of strength are tired of correcting bad boys,
Who see women and children as part of their own play toys.

So many men pretend that they have no responsibility,
And for babies that aren't proven as blood, they are responsibility free.
Where are the many sons and brothers of Abraham, Jacob and Jesus
Who, from the mistakes of our ancestors, were sent to free us?

I am oftentimes angry because it's courage that we lack;
Even generations who steps forward  are dragged back.
Our religions continue to crucify any woman who is strong
Contending that, from the beginning of time, we invented wrong.

If Adam had the will and the courage to say no to Eve,
Perhaps we would not be in, such cowardice, conceived.
If both partners stop acting as if they have no functioning brains 
Some fun may be lost, but mutual respect will remain.

It seems that human society swings the pendulum;
From mutual responsibility, we continue to run.
There are not "women's problems" and the problems of men;
Partnership is that on which families actually depend.

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  1. I truly agree, we need solid families that show love and understanding. BUT in our society that opinion has gone down hill.

    I do however, see some changes, especially in men of color. I am seeing more families walking and talking. But I am afraid that is not true all round the color spectrum.