Thursday, July 19, 2012

Intelligence and Information

Sails upon the water cannot compete on this earth
With the ultimate serenity for which we're given birth,
That must be mastered by those who are willing to learn 
The triumphs and tragedies by which we should discern.

There are few who are secure enough to teach the young,
Especially those whose wisdom has remained unsung.
If only we could get past the doctrine of false pride,
There are many whose ability to teach should not be denied.

The humility to say, "This is my experience, or what I understand,"
Is that which the ability to teach really demands.
Those who value respectful interchange of points of view
Are in a teaching arena in which there are too few.

Humility is not a sign of weakness; it's a fertile field.
Asking respectful questions will, new knowledge, reveal.
We teach by helping the seeds our students already have to grow,
When we start with honoring what our they already know.

Once people reach a point in life, past the age of eight,
They're informed enough to know that adults aren't so great.
I believe that it's better to tell them the truth about authority;
We're not so thrilled either with accompanying responsibility.

In today's world, information is at our fingertips;
As long as there's respect, we can together dip
Into the vast knowledge available to all, globally.
But, in order to learn, we must be prejudice free.

I have always embraced the exchange of ideas,
Even though, on this, my religion was so clear.
We should not entertain or dine with those
Who, by birth or choice, a different faith chose.

I am happy to report that my children grew up to be
Seemingly color-blind, and full of parental responsibility.
I only wish, when they were growing up, and questioning
I had all the information that the internet now brings.

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  1. I repeat your last verse many times, but we lived with what we had, that is all we could do.
    BUT life is still good. You seem to have done family well, even without the internet!