Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jesus and Jews

Mary's blood was spilled many years before that of her baby boy,
And yet she accepted the challenge of raising him with joy.
Her husband, Joseph, whether father in flesh or decision
Chose to protect her and her babe from society's derision.

They, with conjugal love or not (it is not important),
Supported the child to fulfill the mission for which he was sent.
The Jews had, for many years, been faithful to a mission,
Though they were constantly faced with fateful decisions.

They regularly were persecuted for being different from the norm,
Even those that were peaceful people, who meant no harm.
All they asked was to be left to their faith's disciplines,
Knowing that this would deny them some family, many friends.

Instead of embracing the wonderful family lives they shared,
Many "Christians" and others built a story to make others scared.
Why can't we accept that there are those who need rituals
To unite them in celebrating The Spirit in which they are full?

Your dance may mean nothing to me. I'm thrilled when it fulfills you.
This disparity in tastes doesn't meant there is nothing I can do.
I am fascinated by the many forms of respect and adulation
There are in the many peoples and faiths in all earth's creations.

I see them as a sign of hope than none of us feels sufficient.
We come into a society to fulfill the mission for which we are sent.
My gift may be scrubbing toilets; yours may be to heal wounds.
We have no control of the gifts that are given to us in the womb.

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  1. In this life, we do what we can. some great some small, but our dance, as you say, is ours. Others can laugh or accept it. WE on the other hand should be happy with ours and not envy the other.