Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tear Down the Temple

When will the temple be torn down
Where they are sacrificing Jesus to Baal?
When will the pedophile priests
Answer to justice's call?

These wizards who deny the bread of life
To those who most need the grace,
How can they continue
And not perish in disgrace?

When a parent brings filth to the family table,
The home is, by the parent, destroyed.
These people should forfeit the right
To share in the family joys.

And what of the people who are so afraid
Of losing the family rituals?
They pretend not to see the filth
Of which the home is now full.

They continue to rejoice together
As the wounded look on longingly.
They cannot join the celebration
Until their own souls are set free.

But no one wants to look at the wounded,
And admit that the temple is defiled.
They protect the predators
At the expense of a dying child.

"We must uphold tradition.
Sins have always been around.
By crying out in pain,
You are defiling holy ground."

1 comment:

  1. What a tragic story in the life of religion. A shame that cannot be explained away. Yes so many suffer, still.