Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tell Us Tales of Your Path

It is not that we destroy one ideation of The Divine and replace it with another as we move through history. It is that we grow away from fear and begin to be more comfortable with what we can't ever comprehend. In the beginning there was Divine Energy, the same Divine Energy that continues to pulse in all of creation.

Somehow, most humans seem to have a bigger capacity to manifest this Divine Energy that other aspects of creation do. We continue to hoard this special light rather than expand it to the ends of the earth with our service and example.

Great prophets have been sent to show us the way, but we turn away from their examples, repeating like parrots words that we don't intend to apply to our own lives. The Bible is a cautionary tale, but we seem not to want to get the message, endlessly repeating the mistakes that are leading us to perish as a people.

It is time for us to write our own stories of the sacred, rather than repeating the platitudes of others. How have you used your understanding of The Divine to lead your life? Who have you affected with your example? Have you been rewarded or punished for singing your own songs of The Sacred? How can we create safe places where we may sing our own songs and dance our own dances without fear of being figuratively burned at the stake? Can we create new rituals that speak to the ways we actually live our lives with family and friends?

Can we give up the belief that we don't shine with the bright light of Divinity, even as we go through the daily drudge of dirty diapers, terrible teens, and surly spouses? Can we stop acting as if there are people put on the earth to serve us, and that we are not meant to equally serve and support their efforts to raise responsible families? Are we ready to spread our actions of justice and compassion without using our words, unless we are asked for what reason we are sharing ourselves and our assets?

There are no saints and sinners; there are only those who choose to work for justice and those who choose arrogance. Even philosophers require food. Let all who want to eat, work side by side, and spread their beliefs by exhibiting justice in action.

The true injustice is in those who continue to take with no sense of responsibility for their actions. These are simply animals, many of whom choose to deny their own humanity, which includes a sense of responsibility to the community. None of us should be forced to continue supporting those who will not work for the betterment of a responsible and just society. The blessing of being human is that we can choose the path we take.

When we hurt any part of creation, we diminish The Divinity in that part of creation.There should be no priests and penitents, preachers and parishioners. We all have sacred stories to tell, gifts of our talents to be given, and forgiveness can only come with compassion for the humans we have hurt. The greatest gift we can give one another is shared labor in which we all honor each other.

 Please, tell us tales of your path.


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  2. Thou art wrong about no Saints and Sinners. I have been both, but mostly sinner. LOL (sigh)