Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Discussions and Divinity

We need look no further than the American slaves
For proof that wealth is not an indication of being saved.
How gratefully they sang for every blessing of every day;
How heartfelt the love in the words they had to say.

What about the Jews who were enslaved, too?
Perhaps their faith is how they became the chosen few.
India followed a man of compassion to lead to the grace
Of escaping masters who were enslaving their race.

Those who followed the Christianity of Martin Luther King
Have given our country new freedom of which we now sing.
And women who are joining forces in loving one another
Are creating opportunities to serve, other than being a mother.

It is the faith in the Divinity in each of us that gives us strength,
To stand together for the justice for which humanity is meant.
It is time for all those suffering under monetary power's boot
To stop believing that this power has Divinity at its root.

We have been given individual voices, and freedom of speech;
This is so that we can communicate to learn and to teach.
Stop parroting words that you heard from fathers and mothers;
Think of how your actions and words are affecting others.

How do the words you hear apply to your experience?
Don't repeat them unless, in your world, they make sense.
When we hear the truth about what happened to each of us,
Maybe we'll find new solutions for our problem to discuss.

1 comment:

  1. Every phase in human development has had its problems. Slavery was a biggie. But as enlightenment came so did change, and not without a lot of pain in the change.

    Slavery exists in very underdeveloped countries today. And their souls too are important. It is hard to see how some suffer when we have plenty, but you cannot change places, all one can do it try to bring it to the attention of the world.

    I know this is not about slavery as such, but it is fresh in my mind as I am now reading 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'.
    Love from Maine!