Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get a Grip

This week is full of drama, none of it for a good cause;
The media likes any reason to, into our fears, sink their claws.
Because we all remember Hurricane Katrina's destruction,
The reporters are building frenzy, with no moral compunction.

It took me all of two minutes to prepare for the storm;
I moved my lawn chair and birdhouse from potential harm.
We purposely downsized our property obligation
When we moved back here, to a tropical location.

We lost all but our lives and loves when Hurricane Katrina hit;
We've again accumulated more than we need, bit by bit.

We will not spend our senior years hanging onto strife,
Hysterically buying the unfounded fears of the old wife.

We now have the great pleasure of watching nature's fury;
When storms threaten, there is no reason to hurry.
The whole area takes a holiday from everyday endeavors
Every so often, it's true, we are a bit too slow and clever.

We seem to have become a country energized by fear,
No longer working to protect what we say we hold dear.
We sit around like old women of past ages complaining,
Building fear and hatred; that is so energy draining.

Fear mongers create a sense that there isn't enough;
We need more people who have minds that are tough.
To soothe the masses by organizing community;
Only then will our country, from hysterics, be free.

What happened to the citizens who didn't seek to blame
"Acts of God" on someone on whom to make legal claims? 
Are we soon going to sue our own country's taxpayer base
For all of the problems of being part of the human race?

All of these fear-mongers want to be prophets of doom;
Causing citizens to act in fear gives them a power bloom.

Fear brings us back to being purely instinctive animal;
Then, they move in and set themselves up as the rule.

I will not be reduced to a quivering mass of fear;
My posesseions were never what I've held most dear.
My  family has only ever been lent to me;
Even property has been, from true ownership, free.

Because I have lived so in the here and now,
I will not, to the fears of others take a bow.
Never will I stop questioning the opinions
Of those who seem to be fear and hatred's minions.

Where is our compassion without drama; where is our faith?
We find too many to blame ; we're all part of the human race.
We convince ourselves that if we, ourselves, behave well
We will enjoy heaven while those we blame will go to hell.

I don't have the arrogance to believe I can pray away
The forces of the universe that are already in play.
I do not believe or accept that my Spirit of Divinity
Is busy planning all these disasters to punish me.

I believe it is my duty, as every day comes to pass
To live it in love, as if it may be my very last.
This way of living keeps me free of the guilt
On which I believe all fear of loss is built.

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