Saturday, August 25, 2012

That Good Example Garbage

I stopped believing in the authority of religion when I was six years old, but had to pretend to believe until I was twenty-four. This was simply survival, a hypocrisy for which I felt guilty. I pretended in order to protect myself, but I felt until today that this left my little brothers and sisters to seek anarchy.

Today, I set myself free from all the pressure to "be a good example" to my little brothers and sisters, and to the rest of the world. The fake "Christian" thing just isn't working for me in my life. This is because too many "Christians" love to lay their sins on the alter of the cross of Jesus without understanding that his very human sacrifice of himself was to absolve us from the sins we didn't commit. It was to absolve us of the sins our ancestors committed.

We who are under the new covenant, are told that there is no peace with The Almighty without peace with creation, especially other humans. Those that hurt me, and refuse to talk it through, obviously would prefer to have no relationship with me. According to Jesus in the gospel of Matthew, I may now treat them like heathens and tax collectors.

I don't want to kill heathens and tax collectors; I simply want them to leave me alone. 

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  1. Ahhh a frustrated entry. But there are plenty of good examples in the Religious world. I have known complete Saints, whose lives radiated as Mother Teresa's life.
    Oh for sure there are some terrible examples, shrouded in Religion, but a thinking person knows that.

    Love from Bangor Maine.....