Monday, September 17, 2012

Can We Help Create Heaven on Earth?

The truth is that we will never have justice until we rid ourselves of the idea that there are people who are born to rule over others. Too many generations have justified dictators, emperors, slave holders, and all manner of human bondage and abuse by pointing to scriptural passages that indicate that all leadership comes from "God". We must ask what is the example of their "God"?

Is your "God" a jealous, vengeful father, as so many writers of scripture state as their experience? Is your "God" a gentle Jew walking among men and women, spreading responsibility, compassion, and joyful gratitude? Or is your "God" a Spirit of Holiness that imbues all of creation, especially humankind?

I believe that this is why we need scriptures that have been revealed after the enlightenment of Pentecost descended upon the earth. What Christians believed after the resurrection of the body of Jesus has taken almost two thousand years to begin to be realized. We cannot afford to continue separating people into either saints or sinners based on a creed, or humans and non-humans by the color of their skin. We must have a code of conduct that includes all those willing to live with compassion and responsibility for all of creation, especially the children, the aged, the infirm, and the otherwise vulnerable.

We pretend that those born to privilege are endowed with leadership skills.  Good leadership requires self-discipline, patience, and compassion. Truly anointed leaders don't lead by fear, but by example. With the possible exception of those born severely brain damaged, sometimes through gestational drug addiction or other pre-birth injuries, we are all born with some ability to take personal responsibility. We make a mistake believing that there should be a group of "God"-defined masters to guide the less privileged as a shepherd guides his sheep.

I believe that "righteousness" is handed on, one hand held through the valleys of darkness at a time. Creation is in spiritual crisis, no less severe than are communities hit by tsunamis and hurricanes. When a hurricane hits, all the compassionate join hands with each other, and roll up their sleeves to assist. There is no male nor female, no black nor white. Isn't this how heaven has been described? We are then all created equal. We can spread this throughout creation., if we simply work at it.

What I believe we need is mentors, not masters or mistresses. And I believe that many of the journals of these mentors should indeed be included into sacred scripture. Let's ask those who have brought up compassionate, responsible parents to tell us the stories of their faith and families. Maybe we can create a heaven on earth with a Spirit of Holiness reigning over us all.

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