Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Boy Joy

As I sat alternately staring at the
Computer screen and the harbor,
I was writing about our sacred Sunday
When the phone disturbed my mind's order.

It was the man of whom I wrote,
Inviting me to join him for lunch.
He didn't say he missed me,
But I had that strong hunch.

He said he'd give me a tour
Of the progress on the boat.
He'd finished a big project,
And he surely wanted  to gloat.

I do enjoy his little boy joy
In things at which he succeeds.
I think that pure joy is something
That our world now sorely needs.

He confessed as we walked to lunch,
That he had been in withdrawals.
Afterglow is an important step
When our hearts and souls are full.

Why are so many, mostly adults,
Reluctant to express elation,.
Except in those areas that
Don't affect their own situations?

Adults seem able to celebrate openly
The scores of their sports team
And the exploits of celebrities.
Joy in their own lives, rarely seen

We hear about failures and crimes.
We hear about the virtues of humility.
What about the celebration
When we are all that we can be?

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  1. Many things can be accomplished when friends meet for lunch.