Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breath after Death

There is a saying, "That which doesn't kill you, makes you strong." Gayle wrote in her blog today of "a change of vision and a new relationship with the Spirit of God, a "new breath" that brings life to our souls after an experience of death."  

In the past four years, I have felt myself dying a thousand times as I lost relationships with many through illnesses, deaths, moves and finally becoming aware of my past as part of my present. It has always been important to me to revisit the points of my pain's origins in order to begin again with a new "skin." 

I have been rejected by many who are angry with me for not being "there" for them, and I am blessed by many  more who have been here to help me heal. Connecting with the energy of these people is the purpose of my pilgrimages to places and people from which I was formed.

My daughter reminded a recent faith focus group that even Jesus needed to take time off to refresh his spirit because so many, as the woman who touched the hem of his robe, drained energy from him. We are told that Jesus felt great grief in facing his own physical death, and that he went to hell before he was reborn in his strictly spiritual self. Is this the path that we must all follow to become truly born again as people of the Holy Spirit?

All creation is suffused with Divine energy that we can either accept or reject. I believe that the only permanent death is the rejection of the positive power of Divine energy. Whatever we touch on earth, positively or negatively, becomes our legacy in the rest of life. Perhaps if we are willing to face dying a bit to ourselves, we can leave more positive power of The Spirit for future generations.

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  1. The attacks that 'you weren't there' for me are so self centered and self righteous. Once it has happened in our family and that one incident I cannot erase from my mind, although the person who said it, is one who has hurt most of the family at one time or the other.
    Not sure if Sherry, the one attacked, has been amde stronger, I haven't. (sigh)