Monday, October 29, 2012

Faith, Fretting, and Family

Another Sacred Sunday, when we cooked together for family,
Something we both enjoy doing, my marvelous man and me.
Took food down to the bayou country to my uncle and aunt;
Cousins came by to share laughter and our own old folk rants.

Soon they, too, will be retired with grandchildren to chase
May we all learn to handle life's reins with their mom's grace.
She scolded, but has never been one to punish or reject us;
She and her husband were always available to guide and protect us.

They have overcome obstacles that would have brought us to our knees.
Eventually we will, without them, face the big responsibilities.
They have certainly not been perfect, but they have been steadfast,
Proof that communities of strong shared faith can make a family last.

They had many dedicated family and church members around them;
Their children had many fathers, mothers, and trusted friends.
There was order, protection and guidelines shared by all,
Many to share the burdens if one in-charge adult should fall.

When we were there, we were cherished as their own,
Not by all in their community, but in my aunt and uncle's home.
When we will have to take the reigns hasn't been decided.
I wonder if they still see us as the children that they guided.

Will we know when it is time for us to stop looking to them?
Do they listen to our concerns now, as if we're simply equal friends?
We are so frustrated that to save our world, we weren't able,
We broke my aunt's policy that only good is talked about at table.

She allowed the concerned conversations to flow; was she relieved
That we're willing to continue to fight for the values in which they believe?
Will they leave this world with confidence that it is in capable hands,
That we'll carry on for future children the as responsible adults they planned?


  1. How sweet to share food and thoughts. Family's together make for interesting futures, no one knows the outcome of retirement, life and events change that.

  2. Good Morning, Yvette and Richard! I've been out of blog reading for about a month now - save a glimpse here and there. How refreshing to come back here and read your tribute to Aunts and Uncles. They are special.