Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Re-Awakening and Resurrection

What a wonderful weekend it was, the last weekend of September, which so happened to contain the date of my deceased father's birthday. My father had called me "Y" for much of my life because of my propensity for wanting the reason for everything. He then took to calling me a "mighty powerful woman."

For the last four years, since my daughter (my oldest child) was diagnosed with cancer, I have felt anything but powerful. Without her incredible woman energy I felt that I had died. I began wishing that my fantasy was true. I wanted no connection to anyone who may miss me if I was gone because I didn't want to inflict the pain that I was feeling on anyone else.

The problem came in with those who refused to let me go; they seemed to give me the choice of coming back to life or dragging them into my abyss. This weekend I began to start over, at my daughter's request (or I should say, insistence).

So many joined me in the beginning of my new mission, the pursuit of answers to what The Spirit is doing in various communities to work toward global compassion. A dear spirit brother organized an urban group from various faith and value systems to begin my first focus group session of the global listening campaign leading to the next Parliament of the World's Religions.

Men and women shared their souls in this group. My daughter, who knew several of these folks since her childhood, took the time to join us. What a wonderful group it was, ranging in age from early forties to late sixties, with at least five religious traditions represented.

I look forward to hearing from others pursuing paths to peace who may be interested in sharing what they and their communities of conviction, religious or otherwise, are doing to affect these efforts.

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