Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prejudices of the Past

I wonder how much hell on earth is about living the pasts and fears of others?
So many of the fears that we experience were passed down from fathers and mothers.
Those who preach a jealous, wrathful "God" are programming their children to quake
Whenever faced with any decisions that leave any doubt in their wakes.

If "God" destroys or saves a whole nation on the actions of one human,
How are we to believe that about justice "He" gives a damn?I don't believe that one human's actions has ever helped control the tides,
Even though this is a belief in which many scriptural stories abide.

I have become, from gurus, shamans, and priests divorced;
I now believe that all energy is part of a balancing force.
Nothing on earth ever loses all its life; it is simply redistributed;
The balance is positive or negative, based on the lives we've lived.

We too strongly hold on to the action of simply breathing;
We are too set on recreating ourselves by conceiving.
When we realize that death is not an entry into nothingness,
We may be able to false promises of individual reward resist.

I much prefer to believe that each of us is born as a relatively blank slate,
And that we can pick the people and energies to which we'll relate.
This fear that only so many are born as God's chosen people and friends
Creates a competitive environment that leads us not to seek to make amends.

When we realize that the Energy we absorb and the Energy that we give
Is the Energy that has continued the breath of life since the first life was lived,
We can stop attempting to "one up" each other in the eyes of "God."
And give all others an equal hand of friendship on the earth we all trod.

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