Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sing Out My Soul

Do we really want to find ways to get along,
Or are there some whom only anger makes feel alive?
Will we ever be satisfied with gratitude
Instead of substituting jealousy and greed?

Holiness is in the heavens and permeates the earth,
Though many don't care to see it.
Some say that holiness is only available
To certain places, certain times and certain souls.

Perhaps they're not looking closely enough
Into the eyes and hearts of others.
Perhaps they only hear the words
That are spoken with the loudest voices.

Do they not feel grateful when a baby smiles?
And how are they not overjoyed
When The Spirit of the sun warms their flesh?
Does the seed unfolding not bring them to their knees?

We were never meant to see all of Divinity;
There is no correct face of The Spirit.
Would one define all trees as the apple tree,
Or all faces based on their own countenance?

The majesty of creation is too amazing
For any human to embrace it all at once.
Awe can be a wonder or fear-filled emotion,
More bearable when shared with kindred souls.

I must share the love and awe in my soul,
Or The Energy overwhelms my Spirit.
I know that my passion is painful to others,
But I must continue to sing out my soul.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I think we individuals want to find ways to get along, but in governments, I do not think we do.l We are too interested in who gets the credit.

    Now as to the song, There are times when my tune strikes the wrong cord for others. Maybe like fingernails on the black board. LOL

    But we keep singing anyway!!!