Sunday, April 8, 2012

Simply Sailing Away

How much patience it takes for folks to grow old together,
Where both of the couple need extra time for everything.
When a couple doesn't exercise patience when they're young,
How will they cope with the frustrations that old age brings?

I saw a car drive up; an older woman was driving;
Her man could hardly lift himself out of his seat.
He hobbled to the trunk for a walker while she waited;
When she stood, she couldn't straighten; he appeared weak.

They took a walk to the harbor, for what I'll never know.
I wonder if they may have been checking a sail or power boat.
Do they spend time dreaming of sailing to distant harbors.
If I see them drive up again, I'll have to take closer note.

I imagine that they must love each other dearly
To be able to help each other through their pains.
I wonder how many memories are their connection,
And, through their union, how much they've gained.


  1. It is amazing how one scene can conjure up thoughts and dreams. Old age is something NO ONE can know until they actually start to approach it.
    Life is strange, years seem to give some more patience, BUT it takes away from others.

    Some mean folk get meaner, some mean folk turn sweet. I have seen the sweet grow bitter, and thank God I have seen the sweet get even sweeter.

    Real LOVE makes all the difference.

    (Now I am thinking these folk were sailors, and wanted the sea air to cast off the lines in their minds and sail away once again together.)

    Great post!

  2. Love in a couple's hearts can give great solace to each other - at any age! It's wonderful and encourages me to think that may happen to Frances and me when we start to get old!!! ☺