Friday, January 18, 2013

Babies Born of The Sacred Spirit

I am so weary of those who cannot acknowledge the sacrifice
Of the many abused women that so often are called mother and wife.
Each time a woman bears and loves a child forced upon her,
Without abusing the child, she is, of eternal salvation, sure.

Damn what's called "Christianity" with praying and laying on of hands;
Getting our human hands dirty is what healing of our earth demands.
Your "God" doesn't change diapers or take away the physical pain
That, when mother-in-law, husband or child dies, will forever remain.

Only the arms of others who understand and are willing to absorb grief
Have any hope of, the void left by physical death, to decrease.
Those who claim The Sacred Spirit don't often get their own hands dirty;
They are much too busy assuring you that "Christians" are above pity.

We are born with tactile bodies as humans in The Sacred Spirit's chosen race.
"God" will provide, they say; not salving the voids of smell, sight, and taste;
How starved are we for human touch that we have no physical compassion?
Somewhere in religions' history, the sacred physical fell out of fashion.

The sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch of my children and my mate
Have been the experiences that keep me able to, The Sacred, relate.
I hear the Sacred Spirit commanding me to fearlessly reach out my arms
And assure others, in The Sacred Spirit's care, they won't come to harm.

I turn to others who say they are disciples of the Spirit of The Sacred;
My emptiness and grief has them run and hide, as if we all were naked.
If sterile prayer is all "Christianity" has to offer to those who are dying,
I see no new life that it is offering me, so I have stopped trying.

My children, who offered me hands and hearts of service with joy
Became unable to support me, as my mom's "Christianity" I employed.
Their are too many who feel that physical decay is untouchable;
Not realizing that what we call human waste is, with new life, over-full.

I am tired of practicing and preaching the joy in every new ideation
Of The Sacred Spirit in each of life's heaven-on-earth manifestations.
My children have long-since tired of their mother being different;
I must wish them peace as they leave. For this, I feel that I was sent.

My body will still long for them and their children in their physicality;
I've always wished I was manifested in a different body than me.
Thus far, my beloved mate, the other half of my earth-bound soul
Hasn't run from the impossible demands pushing me to an unseen goal.

My prayer is that my beloved mate has loving arms that will hold him,
When The Sacred Spirit calls me to be other than my mate's best friend.
I didn't sign up to be a martyr; that was my "perfect" older sister.
If you've chosen me, my mother and sister will be forever bitter.

It's fine with me if you changed your mind; I don't mind dying,
But the lack of companions in this quest is getting a bit trying.
Every time I think I'm sent a companion, he/she becomes unavailable;
This seems to be the "Christian" society in which your earth is full.

Your priests, and the parents you gave me, sent me to the wild.
Why don't you simply leave me alone, as your feral child?
My religious friends say that I'm a child of yours, their god;
Clearly, they haven't walked the path that you gave me to trod.

Your priests, prophets, and vast array of famous penitents
Did not reveal the challenges of the world to which I was sent.
Those who we accept as leaders seem to be the Anti-Christ;
I am asking, in all childlike humility, for your Divine advice.

The Church of Rome is accepted as the seat of "Christianity;"
Reading their bloody history, I believe that this can't be.
But there are so many true Christians sold their bill of goods;
Is there a reason you handed over to them, your whole brood?

I know I am not a prophet, deserving of Divine answers.
Many seem to believe they have run out of earthly chances.
I believe you are, as usual, leaving much to our free will.
Some have an active Sacred Spirit; in others you are still.

I will not force the answer of eternal life for the dead.
I will remember them fondly, if necessary, in your stead.
I hope that, in this way, any shred of your Divine Light
Will be preserved as part of The Eternal Sacred Might.

Perhaps this philosophy will break the cycle of procreation,
Where tribes compete for supremacy in your Sacred nation.
Adam and Eve, and their children set such bad example;
I think their many misguided paths to peace have been ample.

Clearly their ancestral way is not working to lead to peace.
We ignore the Jewish leader Jesus; why hasn't war ceased?
For the sins of their fathers, are they still to be rejected?
Or are we to understand that the innocent are to be protected?

I have finished rearing my children; I'm ready for martyrdom,
If my death will help secure safety for their children to come.
I care not at all for the mission of the rights of women
If these women care not about the children of their wombs.

Too many parents seek their own comfort behind their offspring;
No wonder we're passing down fears that past parents bring.
Allow all to face their own consciences, from which we're free,
If they engage in carnal pleasures without any responsibility.

We should hold each responsible, egg donor and that of sperm,
To provide a trust fund to insure that each child will learn.
Rules of responsibility securing the future of children in creation
May achieve the goal of a compassionate community's salvation.

Barring this ability, conception control implants
Are the only way responsible society has a chance
Of allowing those with no Sacred Spirit to choose
Extinction of their kind. What do we have to lose?

The arrogance of preaching a gospel of transferred guilt
Is the Sacred Spirit's trash dump of humanity's filth.
I struggle every day to nudge my soul to follow holiness;
An innocent child's destruction, my Spirit won't erase.

My hope is if I have, in my life, the excess resources
To provide for my "Christian" society's other re-courses,
I want to save an unwanted child, to this I will commit
Resources (but, what of time?) as if my own blood, I'd see fit.

Jesus spoke clearly about those don't do, only publicly pray.
Many have their own children they don't protect from being prey.
We continue to march for that in which you say you "believe"
Not adopting innocent the children that the Spiritless conceive.

Babies need loving arms, safe shelter, clothing and food
Not prayers that their soulless parents will somehow turn to good.
Though I mourn for every unwanted child as yet unborn,
I believe giving them back to The Sacred Spirit is the lesser harm.

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