Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gratitude for Good Mornings

Wake up everyday, and focus our minds on the beautiful,
And throughout the day, take breaks to reclaim the joyful.
I am blessed that my lover wakes up smiling with gratitude;
His morning words and touch help to set my daily mood.

As you open your eyes, celebrate that you're still breathing;
If you're in a bed, that's a blessing you're receiving.
You may think you worked hard and deserve your bed;
What about those defending our country who may soon be dead?

Do you have a job? Be grateful for that gift to you;
There are many who have skills and no work to go to.
Be happy for today, that you don't have any cancer
Look for gratitude, and your Sacred Spirit will answer.

Can you afford food for your table and gas for your car?
Be grateful for the skills that make you who you are.
Do you have at least one person who cares if you live or die?
Every day be grateful for this; don't let an opportunity go by.

There is always something more for which we can grasp,
But gratitude for what we have is such an easy task.
Why do we waste so much energy in fear and anger?
It continues to put the Universal Sacred Spirit in danger.

Even righteous anger should be used to fuel good acts;
When we simply churn with it, it is our own souls it attacks.
Do not let the anger and fear of others enter your head;
It will only turn your days into missions that you dread.

I am more than happy to be asked to help with solutions,
But mindless complaining leads to my spirit's dissolution.
And if nobody needs my help today, I will continue to study,
So that if I'm needed again, I'll be even more ready.

It is true that my gratitude swells to where it brings tears;
This is something that others have often come to fear.
We are so used to adulthood being seen as sacrifice,
About joy and gratitude, we often don't think twice.

Good morning, roof over my head and air that I breathe;
Good morning, Sacred Spirit that shields me from greed.
Good morning, sacred earth that nourishes my food;
Good morning, ability to choose to focus on the good.

Good morning, my children who are such a joy to me;
Good morning, my grateful mate and the love that I see;
Good morning, my wonderful friends, near and far;
Good morning, all the differences that make us who we are.

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