Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pre-Productive Protection

In a recent Time Magazine, an article referred to the replacement of the term, "Reproductive Rights" with the term "Reproductive Justice." We continue to relabel a movement without a clearly defined mission, hoping that all who hear will be attuned to the message. Reproductive Justice is not a women's issue; it is a children's issue, and by extension, a humanity issue.

When a very close friend whose children my husband and I assisted with parenting showed me a photo of her ten-week-old unborn grandchild, I could hardly breathe with the awe of the moment. We are already deciding who he/she looks like. My friend said the baby looked like Mr. Peanut; I insisted that the skinny legs could only come from his/her grandmother, my friend. We both loved that baby already so much that we could smell him/her. Every baby deserves this kind of community commitment.

That is the damn point, you patriarchal misogynistic jerks who think that women are walking wombs with eggs for you to fertilize with your superior seed. You have no empathy, much less real committed love, for your children or their mothers. For centuries you have acted no better than roosters in a hen house. What you don't seem to comprehend is that all but a very few male roosters are killed at birth, and only the best stock is kept to reproduce. It matters not what the birth order of the baby roosters; only one is needed to service the whole flock of females. And what a mother or grandma of baby roosters thinks is no measure of superior stock. Neither is first-born status.

DNA is now able to prove paternity ( and genetic superiority), so some of you now grudgingly support your offspring and their caretaker, but you continue to act no better than barnyard thugs. I believe it is time to let you self destruct; you are anachronisms in modern society. Dinosaur dads may have been better fathers to their offspring than are many of you. We know that one close relative of the dinosaur, the penguin, is better at parenting than many of you.

We cluck our tongues and say how awful it is what Muslims do to their women. We still have households in America who treat women no better, and it is still not against International law to use rape of women AND CHILDREN as weapons of war. THINK ABOUT THIS. We have had people calling themselves Christians for over 2000 years, and we still have no international treaty against this abomination.

I was not wanted except for the services I could render as a caretaker to children of my parents beginning when I was four and we lost our Black nanny. My eventual status in society was as a servant to the children that I bore and to their father. This began in 1955 and continued until the present, in many circles. I began publicly speaking out against this when my daughter was in danger of dying four years ago and had her own husband and daughters to minister to her in her illness. I woke up about my real role in today's world. There are some things (like cancer) from which I could not protect my own young, so I began to channel the grief that I felt into protection of the children of others.

Reproductive Justice is an attempt to make sure that every child enters into a responsible, compassionate community, committed to creating world peace for all generations of children and those yet to be conceived. We can begin by making sure those who create children without responsibility for caring for the child and others who neglect and actively abuse children (including by creating them through incest or rape) have millstones tied around their necks until they throw themselves into the sea. Meanwhile, we can allow mothers who can't commit to protecting their children, both born and unborn, to make their own decisions about whether it is better: to kill a child's body before birth or the child's soul as he/she lives without love.

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