Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stop the Stupid Pendulum Swings

Here's all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.” ― George CarlinWhen Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops? This really gets to the heart of what is wrong with society. We keep swinging the pendulum from god as male to god as female and back again and from "Men are stupid" to "Women are stupid."

I am so tired of the pendulum swing, I could simply vomit! Only when we understand partnership will we be able to save the males and our humanity. We are getting dangerously close to cloning of humans. This won't take any males, only skin cells from females and wombs. Do we really want an all-female world? 

Sure, there will be some little bit of cloning of males, but only the strongest, best looking, smartest, whatever. Even if you are one of the chosen males, be aware that the genetics will get weaker and weaker with each generation. WAKE UP, MEN! Turn off your televisions; put down the beer. We need you for much more than the sperm you provide, but you are not living up to the rules for life that you have written in sacred scriptures. We women have, for too long, born the burden of exemplifying what you have espoused in your grand speeches and scriptures. It is time for you to do as Eliza Doolittle sang in My Fair Lady. SHOW ME!

Your boys need to be taught to fight instead of fleeing behind their mothers skirts and their sports bars. Fight for the balance of power in your families. Your protection of women way past their child bearing and nurturing years has turned your women into pampered eternal princesses and you into puppets clowning for your friends. You have abandoned your sons to being pampered princes without a kingdom into which to ascend.

Stand up and be counted among those who fight for what's right, not only for your positions in a pathetic society of apes following those with the biggest "roar" and most women at their disposal. Each man and each woman has skills to offer the human race. We have babies and the eternally innocent to provide sweet amusement as we watch over them and protect them from predators. We don't need any more clowns acting as if they are court jesters. 

We live in a free society in which we can all state our true opinions without fear of punishment. Stop standing behind false "humor." When you are displeased, don't roar or ridicule; communicate with the human words you were given. If you don't have the words, ask for help. Remember the story of  Cyrano de Bergerac? There are many in therapeutic fields who can help you put words to your feelings and opinions without offending your females.

Partnerships are about commitment to contracts. Let's stop pretending that marriage shouldn't be a carefully crafted contract. Stupid sex blinds you to the realities of a woman's values. Sex is sacred only when there is mutual responsibility, trust, and commitment.

Before it's too late, PLEASE...WAKE UP, MEN! SHOW ME!

Tomorrow...Patience, Women. They are trying.

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