Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sacred Spirit

I am convinced that many are Christians without having heard the name "Jesus." The Christ is The Anointed One, and each of us can share in being limbs on the "Body of The Christ."

It seems that, throughout the history of humanity, humans have sought an anointed one to lead them to harmony on earth. Jesus himself said that The Holy Spirit is the spirit anointed to stay with all of humanity for all eternity, lighting the way to heavenly harmony on this earth.

To say that Jesus is the only manifestation of The Holy Spirit that was ever in human form simply doesn't make sense to me. It seems to me that since humans began scratching manifestations of The Holy Spirit into cave walls, the lesson has been clear. All nature is imbued with a certain special life-giving "Something" that has the potential to burn brightest in humans.

Jesus seems to have been anointed with an incredible amount of the Holiness which he couldn't help share with others through the celebration of his life with everyone whom he encountered. He came from a remarkable line of people who had been focused on finding and following the path to harmony on earth for centuries preceding his birth. As the seeking of The Anointed One (The Christ) was passed down from generation to generation, it became stronger and stronger in the children of the faithful. The seed and the womb that produced Jesus were especially anointed, indeed.

Jesus' Anointed Spirit drew others to him, like flies to honey. People simply want(ed) to walk in his footsteps because he brought joyful peace with his mere presence and preaching. Jesus said that, in The Fullness of The Sacred Spirit, there is no Jew or Gentile, no male nor female. He also said that he was the vine that was connected to and fed by The Sacred Spirit  that fed The Sacred Spirit to all on earth when they ate of the fruit that is nourished by the branches of The Anointed on earth. He said that those branches are the people who follow in the earthly footsteps of way to The Sacred Spirit. As was taught by Jesus' Jewish ancestors, humanity is made to be anointed with The Sacred Spirit in a special way.

We seem to instinctively honor those who walk among the vulnerable, spreading The Sacred Spirit through their presence, laying hands on lepers and  little ones alike in The Sacred Spirit's healing ministries. The problem seems to be in a form of infantile sibling rivalry, that the path simply isn't big enough for all of us. We continue to attempt to kill the roots of vines that have sprouted up in gardens other than our own, rather than attempting to graft new hybrid life onto vines that will eventually stop bearing fruit without new branches to absorb and process The Light.

When will we give up the notion that the way to new life is through destruction of old life. We seem to simply be spreading the seeds of The Unholy onto our selves and our children. All Sacred scriptures, since the beginning of humanity, seem to proclaim the old Sacred seeds will fall to the Sacred ground and transform into new Sacred energy. That which is not Sacred will self-select and destroy itself, but we must be unafraid as we hold the hands of our own children and walk in the strength of our own faith.

Religions that conquer by war will die away, if we recognize that conversion by fear is not true conversion. True faith without fear seems to come from the understanding that all Sacred Energy is eternal. When we embrace peace patiently, the Sacred Spirit that is our own anointing will, in one manifestation of life or another, experience complete harmony. All life that we touch on earth carries our Sacred seeds into another manifestation and generation.

The way of The Sacred Spirit seems to have always been that we may have to move to different, more fertile ground, to keep our family faith alive and to keep from being overrun by the weeds of The Unholy. Perhaps the problem is that we are planting too many times in soil that can no longer nourish life. All ground becomes Sacred ground if it is filled with The True Spirit of harmony on earth, as it is in heaven.

They will know we are The Anointed (Christians) by our responsible compassion for all life on this earth, and by our patience in the face of others' fears.

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