Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Home of Holy Communion

It is a great insult and proof of the lack of understanding of family life for the Roman Catholic Church to call itself Holy Mother Church and the men who have probably never changed a baby's diaper our "fathers."  There is no mother on earth who can properly care for a "litter" of infants. In order to bring up a fully human individual being, one must have the time and resources to attend to each child personally, learning how to communicate through focused compassion.

Families are not armies, who should be scared into following a strict set of rules or suffer eternal expulsion. Families are breeding and training grounds for individuals to learn to work within respectful, cooperative, complimentary teams. The fallacy that the church should supersede the boundaries set by the individual family denies the sanctity of the first "religion," that of husband and wife.

The fact that so many "Christians" have been brought into the fold of "faith" as "soldiers of Christ" says all we need to know about the falsity of this pseudo-faith masquerading as "Christianity." If Jesus is The Christ, then there is no such thing as a "soldier" to bring about the conversion of others to his way. There is a set of guidelines laid down in the ten commandments for creating sacred family and community that was simplified to two commandments by this man that most religions, even today, consider holy.

Jesus was very emphatic that the concentration on only "God' without human compassion is immoral. Jesus spoke lovingly of the animals of the earth, as he did of humans, and yet we allow disrespect toward both that leads to abuse. Man and woman hold dominion over the gifts of the earth, and we have allowed the greater physical strength of the male to scare us into submission to the them, especially as we make our bodies vulnerable to carry their seed into full humanity. We have even been frightened into allowing them to have us kneel to them as representatives of "God" on earth.

Jesus came forth from a woman's body and lived in a real marriage and community. The "Holy Mother Church" has made a mockery of the marriage by insisting that sex would somehow diminish the sacred in the seed that became Jesus. The church has shamed men for wanting to be held by their women, as the women long to be held by their men. Children's souls learn to love by being embraced in the sacred bonds of marriage. The church cannot be a substitute for these very physical ways of passing on The Sacred Spirit.

It is anathema to deny that the family is the basis of the church and not the other way around. My body was split open to bear the children of a man who had no respect for the sacred of sex or my motherhood because his "Christian" religion had made a mockery of physical family by denying the authority of woman in the marriage of male and female. A mother was to be looked upon as separate from her sexual self. The father of my children was "married" to his mother and I was the breeder of their babies.

Our children were baptized in the waters of my womb that held the love of their father and mother for them  before they were even born. Their lives are the reconciliation of the spirits of their father and mother. Every day that we are in loving relationship is confirmation of our sacred bond to The Sacred Spirit that we share. When I am ill, the only anointing I want is the loving touch of those who share The Sacred Spirit of my life with me. Holy Orders are any acts of compassion for the earth and others to which we are led.

My mother was a breeder of "soldiers of Christ," having nine children for the effort, only two of which she had the strength to care for. Against the wishes of her husband and family, and against the advice of her physician, she was counselled by her priests to understand that "God," in the form of the church, would care for her children. My father submitted to his wife and the church, against his own better judgement. Why is there not a commandment to honor one's children's father and mother?

The young boys who were made priests before they were out of puberty had been taught that the church came before the family, and that they had the wisdom to lead the faithful in areas that they had no way to understand. The faithful accepted that these same young men had the ability to permanently deny reentry into the eternal family with a wave of a "wand" in a confessional.

The holy communion that I practice happens right at the dinner table where the efforts of  my husband's brain,  the sweat of the farmer's and grocer's brows, and my loving preparation to honor their efforts feed the bodies that house The Sacred Spirit, that makes a holy place of my home. And when my husband and I, who are long past child-bearing age touch each other, whether sexually or in simple friendship, we are filling each others spirits with the energy that we then impart to others. This multiplying of The Sacred Spirit through our connection is the sacrament of marriage in our home. This marriage enables us to continue going forth and being fruitful so others may magnify and share our love.

In my opinion, every home should be a place of celebration of The Sacred Spirit, where respect for ourselves and others is the religion and the only rule.

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