Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fight to Make It Right

Things we can't talk about are things "polite" society rejects;
This is the reason we have been forbidden to speak of sex.
But in all the history of the animal kingdom, including humans,
Sex has been the strongest force in The Sacred Spirit's plans.

What a travesty of The Spirit's source to deny spiritual sex
By taking the power of the physical out of the sacred's context.
By being taught to be ashamed and afraid of our animal natures,
We have become less noble than other living creatures.

We were given free will in order to make responsible decisions,
But the religious leaders have treated individuals with derision.
Couples were robbed of authority in defining limits of their broods
Based on what, for their union, were considered, by them, good.

There should be no more sacred bonds upon the earth
Than the unions of man and woman in order to give birth.
Because our religions have long-since become civil institutions,
They have perverted the privileges of family solutions.

The house divided against itself has always been doomed to fail,
Like that of religion and government, against which we should rail.
Domestic partnerships, designed only to protect property,
Should never have been accepted as sacred marital unity.

The churches wielded such influence over government,
We forgot the reasons for our ancestors commitment.
We must insist on actual division of state and church motives;
One seeks to take and the other is created to give.

Religions set parameters on behaviors they will support;
The "charity" of government is evil's power resort.
Religious charity is a system of personal accountability,
From which our country's enforced giving is free.

In days of old, charity was the responsibility of community,
Not something handed out with complete anonymity.
When a small group knows and vouches for an individual
The whole community, on the recipient's action, has some pull.

We must stop funding individual "charity" with anonymous taxes;
With this system in place, all justice and conscience relaxes.
Even Jesus, our guiding Jew, said, between Caesar and our religions,
We should always recognize distinctly moral divisions.

Did he not preach limits to the amounts workers should give
To the poor and downtrodden to help them to live?
He did not say, "Plant, harvest, and cook it for them."
This, in truth, takes away the dignity of the human.

And when he died upon the cross, as an innocent human,
He didn't take off their crosses those who'd sinned against man.
He recognized that there were two steps to true repentance
The first was to satisfy the human wrong, in the present tense.

Their are so many who want to deny responsibility to humans
As part of our inclusion in The Sacred Spirit's redemption plan.
Only those who accept The Sacred Spirit and live accordingly
Can recognize and honor all  life's appointed sacred dignity.

Their are laws deemed by humanity seeking earthly peace;
These have been instruments for some worldly wars to cease.
If warring nations agree to honor cease fires and truces,
Don't we see that humanity, to pawns in games, this reduces?

I, as a mother, put my body and my soul at great risk
So that my husband's spirit and mine could, in new life, exist.
There is no power on earth that could make me send my son
To save the greedy values that my nation and religion have become.

Neither sex nor war should be inflicted on the innocent,
But this is how the energies of the supremely powerful are spent.
Domination is the game for which they set the rules;
All creation is simply treated as their power game tools.

In my lifetime, there has never been a war to protect our land;
The definition of "just war" has been in corporations' hands.
I will not only not send my sons, daughters, and granddaughters;
I will also fight to defend any innocent person's slaughter.

Until the leaders of our nation are prepared to be just and brave,
Instead of living by the rules of power that protect the depraved,
I will continue to promote the destruction of their power bases,
Hoping that their fall, eventually, corporate power erases.

I have very little hope that, in my lifetime, religions will lose power
Or that our less-privileged will, at their commands, fail to cower,
But, my great hope for the future of all humanity
Is that the generations coming after us are Divine Right of Kings free.

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