Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Preparing for Peace

What if we all started creating peace while we're on earth?
Is it possible we could replace fear and hate with mirth?
What if we believed that any energy we pass along
Will return and remain with us in our eternal life's song?

Would we then spend our time singing of the good,
Trying to, in all we meet, create brotherhood?
Would we continue to fill our souls with greed,
Or would we help to fill each other's needs?

If we knew thought that salvation belongs to all or none,
Would we continue to, all who are different, shun?
Or would we, with joy, open wide our arms,
And celebrate The Sacred Spirit, in all its forms?

Those who share the negative and then seek more,
Seem to be those who, the thought of death, most abhor.
Perhaps if they sought and shared celebrations daily,
They wouldn't, their own last breaths, find so scary.

Singing songs of gratitude for all that crosses our paths
Is the only way The Sacred Spirit grows and lasts.
What we allow to feed our souls and others while we breathe
May be the seeds of eternity that we ourselves conceived.

When we destroy the peace in another, we destroy some sacred;
It is our own souls that we are eternally stripping naked.
Fear, instead of friendships, is how many protect their souls.
What if each part of the universe is eternally part of the whole?

If we believed this, would we, with each day, begin
Attempting to welcome new people and ideas in?
Or would we continue to diminish our own energy,
The energy we will pass into universal eternity?

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