Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sacred Smiles

The Sacred Spirit = faces and other manifestations of God = Infinite Universal Energy = The Infinite "I Am." = Sacred in humanity = Sacred Spirit of Jesus and all who lead us back to our sacred origins with their own lives. Upon their physical deaths, The Sacred Spirit that was manifest in them, some in greater measures than others, is left to inhabit the earth.

Is this also the sound "Om" which is believed by some to be the sound of the Infinite Universal Energy? How can Infinite Universal Energy have only one name, one "face," one manifestation, and one path for faith? How can there have only been one book of The Sacred Spirit ever recorded?

All of creation may be The Sacred Spirit enclosed in physical manifestations. Some manifestations are in human form, some of these forms with more Sacred Spirit than others. We may be helpless in choosing how much of The Sacred Spirit inhabits our bodies at birth, but all adults with normal judgement can control how and with whom they connect. The choices we make either grow or diminish The Sacred Spirit in us and The Sacred Spirit in those around us. Sometimes all it takes is a sacred smile to light the lamp of The Sacred Spirit in a soul.

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