Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Religion of Minds and Mates

I learned meditation while watching a baby from the most unlikely source, my very strait-laced, very buttoned-up, neurologist husband. I had already found ways to get into a deep meditative state just before falling asleep, but I had real trouble with meditation "in the moment." Watching my husband soothe babies (I suspect while soothing himself, as people do with pets) changed all of this for me.

When he would come home from his always stressful days at the office, to a houseful of borrowed children, I would ask him to take the children for long enough that I could complete our evening meal. Having been a caterer for many years, this could usually be achieved in less than an hour. It mattered not to my husband how the babies screamed and thrashed, he would sit with the small children in his lap, repeatedly kissing the tops of their heads. The baby would soon settle down, and usually sleep.

As I would marvel at his lack of anxiety; he would simply reply, "Crying is a baby's job." The only other person I had ever seen who had this ability as a baby whisperer had been my maternal grandmother. It was beautiful to behold. The father of my children, not now my husband, had this trait. My children picked up this trait from their father, even though a divorce was in order to allow them all to embrace this.

The father of my children and I came from city stress on everyone, exacerbated by unrealistic expectations of isolated family units. When one has too many responsibilities, something has to suffer; it is usually the most vulnerable members of society.My husband comes from an animal husbandry background, where he was taught that content mamas produce healthy offspring, and safe babies make better for breeds.

Religions have attempted to deny our animal natures, thereby separating us from the ways of human "herds." In the process, they have created a culture of fear and shame that is infecting our attachment to proper stewardship of all things on earth. We have not become immune to our animal instincts, no matter how many punishments have been inflicted on us to attempt it. Unfortunately, we also haven't been taught the value of accepting them and channeling them into greater responsibility and compassion.

Our religions have fostered fear of anything that we can't explain, and anger toward what we can't control. They have separated the yin and the yang of nature into opposing forces, rather than embracing a harmonious whole. We are creating new life without the cooperation of the male and female energies that are so important for balance in the universe.

It is time that we realize that much of technology is not fostering humanity; it is attempting to create life without souls. What was invented to give humanity more time to meditate has only led to more insistence on activity and attempts at "perfection". Contraception control was invented to give mother's bodies more time to heal and the children more time to be held. It has helped lead to less sons being slaughtered in war and incarcerated. All good animal husbandry includes responsible fertilization by people who have information and free will. When will religions realize that we are not sheep, but human beings with minds, mates, and communities that are more important than any religion?

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