Monday, April 29, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 27

Until we convince our men that we are next to them in their foxholes, we will continue to foster fear in them. Fear begets desperation, which begets mindless destruction if flight with honor isn't an option.

The tragedy in my lifetime has been the perception that any man who wants his women (grandmother, mother, sister) to stand with him is somehow less a man than those who simply destroy without forethought., responsibility, or compassion. We must all wake up to the vast possibilities available to all the universe when we take away our arrogance and fear of uncertainty. There will always be more that we don't know for certain than there will be things we know. It is not for us to understand or predict the future; it is our mission to act responsibly in the now.

Not all women are nurturing; neither are all men brave. We must seek balance in our lives and communities rather than living on fantasies and fault finding when life doesn't measure up. I lived and dragged my children through two marriages that were doomed by preconceived ideas of perfection. We must embrace the new paradigms of partnering and parenting, or our universe will turn backward until we reach our sure doom as the human race.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we open our hearts, souls, bodies and minds to The Sacred Spirit's balance in all of creation.

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