Friday, April 19, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer Day 17

What if I could will my excess medical care to my grandchildren,
Would I then be inspired to let go of my life?
What if money saved would support an unwanted child's adoption,
Would my efforts to save others finally suffice?

What if we stopped pretending we have all the solutions?
Would we then be open to a sacred future?
All of our arrogant mistakes of the past need absolution;
This way we secure community of which we're sure.

It is not for anyone but those we've hurt to forgive us;
This is the way of all human community.
The give and take of faithful friends is what builds trust
And the only path to peace that we can now see.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we realize that we pass The Sacred Spirit on to and through each others actions, including our words.

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