Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer Day 22

The stories in the Old Testament seem cautionary; not a narrative for how to live;
These are words of what happens when humankind doesn't work to forgive.
When Adam and Eve felt greed and envy for what they had no capacity to understand,
They, their offspring, and the offspring of these, created disaster for all the body human.

We've since been grasping for all that we see, pretending we can prosper without each other;
Even though the path to eternal peace includes all our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.
We prefer to destroy that which we can't, in our own lifetimes, learn how to control
Than to trust that only responsible compassion will make each of us eternally whole.

We must stop honoring only women for waiting, and only men for other's protection;
In marriage, we bond our strengths and protect the values of our own unity's election.
There seems to have been a time of re-balancing The Sacred Spirit's "voice" in nature;
My prayer for Pentecost is that we begin to honor, by incorporation, all earthly creatures.

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