Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer Day 3

I used to be very accepting of whatever life gave to me,
Until many insisted I see the god that they could see.
I believe a god cannot simply be my best friend
And be the being on whom my eternal life depends.

For four long years I've pondered my friends' visions;
I have finally reached my own existential decisions.
Any god who always insists on one face or one name
Is not a source of universal sacred power I can claim.

I understand we need common languages to communicate,
But the gods envisioned by humanity seem a bit second rate.
They all seem threatened by the strength of their children;
Is this the god with whom my earthly life will end?

If these gods had true authority, there would be no threats of pain;
Their children would do anything to, the parents' favor, regain.
Religions have diminished the image and likeness of god
To images of human leaders that, on this earth, have trod.

I am not interested in following the divine rights of kings,
And all the misery that, to their subjects, this brings.
I am interested in following those who lead by peace
Hoping that their examples will, earthly harmony, increase.

"Christians" have become warriors of Jesus' chosen nation;
Is there any way we can lay claim to a peaceful creation?
Pentecost is coming; will we accept a new vision of sacred fire
That changes, through peaceful protest, all of humanity's desire?

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