Friday, April 12, 2013

Prayer for Pentecost Day 11

What is more important in a life of faith, attempting to do good or attempting to do no wrong? I can tell you, from experience, they get a person in equal amounts of trouble. When attempting to DO good, people believe you are being arrogant and attempting to take control from them. When allowing yourself to simply do what comes naturally, you come away without a community of competence, often adopting a leader who understands how to manipulate our animal instincts to their own advantage.

Just as the unexamined life does not seem worth living, so to does the unexamined community structure. I cannot say the creed of the religion into which I was baptized as a baby. Much of it I don't believe, and much I don't care about, one way or another. I can't participate in rituals that turn off my best judgement in favor of the soothing brainwashing that enters with the chants. I can't seem to nod mutely as others repeat the "party line;" therefore, my presence becomes a source of great discomfort for the true believers. The good that I attempt to do is often then perceived as doing wrong.

Having spent one third of my life in for-profit corporate management positions and one third in non-profit corporation management, it seems that they all have a creed to which we must pretend  to bear witness. As one who asks questions, it is very seldom that I don't end up seeing the dark underbellies of the agendas of the leaders. I was not meant to be an enlisted person, as was pointed out to me when I attempted to enlist in the military. I have been instrumental in helping to lead a number of important movements, leaving strong leaders in my wake.

Jesus was asked to physically lead for only three public years. My prayer for Pentecost is that each of us finds a life-long mission to inspire our actions. For instance, my husband's mission is "To be useful." Mine is to learn, process, and pass on my wisdom. What could be more fluid than that? What good is personal Pentecost without purpose?

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