Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Whos of Humanville

Will the Jewish Messiah be a warrior or a man of peace?
Will he be an earthly king or walk among the earth's least?
If he's a great earthly ruler, will he rule by the mighty sword,
Or will he have such wisdom that he will lead with words?

Will he be a rabbi, as he sits upon his earthly throne?
Or will he, in quiet contemplation, spend his life alone?
By what traits will he (or maybe she?) be recognized?
Is control of this earth the Jewish messiah's prize?

What if Israel was a part of each Jewish soul,
The Scared Spirit that makes humanity whole?
What if wherever there are two real humans
The Sacred in them reaches out and blends?

What if we had a worldwide truce for a year,
Using children's words to make our needs clear?
Would the children want us to kill their fathers
Because we adults don't play well with others?

What made me want to be good was the sadness I felt
About the pain that my sins, Baby Jesus, had dealt.
His bloody adult human body didn't bother me
As much as the shame of hurting this tiny baby.

The only thing that I can see as ever bringing peace
Is the agreement that killing of innocents cease.
It matters not if we're Jewish, Christian or other,
We are all sacred seeds of both father and mother.

If my baby needed life-saving blood transfused,
Would blood of a different faith be refused?
Our blood, bones, and skin are only camouflage
For The Sacred Spirit that dwells inside.

I wish that the earthly life that is left in me
Could be used to help set my grandchildren free
From the fear and scorn we have for other beliefs.
Perhaps they'd learn more if fear of war ceased.

Will the Jewish messiah bring an end to war?
I hope that's what their earthly messiah is for.
Will he have the right words and amount of charm
To bring about a world that is finally disarmed?

Or have we come to the point in human evolution
Where we see war as a temporary solution?
Can we try praying for the burning Sacred Spirit
Loud enough that all the angels will hear it?

And all the Whos down in Humanville will rejoice
When the sound of celebration is the only voice,
When the bombs have stopped dropping on babies
And all the earth, for each other, will sing praises.

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