Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 34

I am Eve, always seeking the knowledge of good and evil,
And suffering greatly with each revelation in myself and others.
I am Sarah, the mother of a new generation of leaders in their tribes.
And I am Hagar who is turned away by other mothers
For fear that I will turn from handmaiden to matriarch.

I am the mother of Moses, sending my boy off to his destiny;
Though my womb bore him, and at my breasts, he nursed.
I became the handmaiden to those who claimed him.
And I have been called a warrior and judge, as was Deborah. 

I am Martha and Mary, both serving and observing,
Wanting to feed many with warm milk and with wisdom,
Knowing that there are many not open to mothering.
I am Mary Magdalene, scorned and scourged as a whore,
And I am the mother/wife of men who honor my motherhood.

Though I cry bitter tears of blood for human suffering,
I know that I can’t turn others from their sacred missions.
If I was able to be stoic as I follow in others’ footsteps,
Perhaps I would be allowed to stay at the foot of the cross.
Barring that honor, I will continue to observe and speak out.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we all have the courage to speak of what we observe.

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