Friday, May 17, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 44

I was blessed by being with my dear friend and her family as she struggled with her fear of illness and death during a recent hospitalization. It isn't every friend who is allowed to help a leader in her most weakened state. I have been asked to sit by the bed of several giants as they confronted their own fears.

I still grieve that I was not strong enough to hold my mother-in-law as she passed from the physical world into the spirits of those whose lives she had touched. I was, however the person who held her hand all night as she wept in fear before the exploratory surgery that announced her fate. I was also in the room when she breathed her last. I like to believe that much of her Sacred Spirit went directly into my womb which was sheltering her first grandchild, a girl. Her granddaughter carries in her a huge spirit and strength that I recognize as much stronger that that of myself and her father.

It is a gift to be able to attend at the illness or death of a person who carries such a huge spirit that others greatly fear their loss. I believe that we must get past our own fears and assist the weakened person to open their souls to a peace with whatever they have sown, while they were strong, carrying on in others for all of eternity.

I certainly don't want to spend the last days of my life using up the energy that I worked so hard to impart to others. I believe it is a merciful gesture to soothe others while they let go of their physical selves.

My Pentecost prayer is that we truly begin to see life as a continuum that began before our physical births and continues in all we have touched in any way.

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