Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Super or Simple Heroes?

We all seem to want super heroes instead of being ourselves simple heroes. We look up to others on earth as gods, rather than looking inward for the energy of The Sacred Spirit inside of ourselves. It is easier to dismiss our own inaction and evil action if we continue to pretend that we have no godliness in us right here on earth. We are to use that godliness to help bring heaven to our own earth, not for some future super being status that we will enjoy in an afterlife.

I don't care by what action a child is conceived. I care about how the child is brought to recognize the godliness in him or herself and use it to improve life on earth. I don't care about great miracles on earth. I care about the everyday acts of selflessness and responsible compassion shown to me and others every moment of every day. I care more about how heroically a person lived than how horribly, and possibly heroically, he or she died.

It is in doing the very things at which we feel least able, for the sake of peace on earth, that we expand The Sacred Spirit inside of ourselves to the point that it "infects" others. "God" needs nothing from us, but the earth needs so much that we can give. We are all called to be simple heroes.

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