Thursday, June 20, 2013

Equality Through Education

If we want to be equal,
And we want to be free,
Thought and education,
Are our great necessity.

If your mind is moving,
It does not necessarily mean
That you are processioning
The truths that can't be seen.

Knowledge must transcend
What we can, on earth, see.
This is the way of the future
In humankind's eternity.

We've as yet, as a species, to seek
A core principle by which we define
The point of shared earthly humanity,
That is where we reach The Divine.

I suggest responsible compassion,
And the accumulation of knowledge.
I know responsibility is out of fashion
We believe compassion means don't judge.

Without judgement we aren't human;
We must ask ourselves what is protective.
Values are that on which free will depends;
Not on any generation's singular objective.

Do we dare to go back before Moses' laws,
And before the family of Abraham?
Even the ancient tribes before our fathers
Seemed to embrace the great "I AM."

I believe that there's "I AM" in humans
This ability to choose how to use it
Is what sets them, as a species, apart.
How do you share your Sacred Spirit?

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