Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grandmother God

Judging someone, not supporting their decisions, are two different things;
There are many paths on which not to choose, the consequences they bring.
Why should any have to support decisions of thrill seekers and adventurers,
Not on proven paths whose end destinations are more secure?

One can be all for mutual insurance for any group with common values,
But be tired of being penalized by the reasons and science other's refused.
The problems and inter-generational wars seem to come in any society
That penalizes others for activities from which some choose to be free.

Because all of animal nature is dependent on individual tribal unity,
We should stop offering the world as a false sense of community.
Religions should be allowed to administer any help to those
Who relate to the values that their faith practices propose.

Countries should only concern themselves with the shared values,
From which humanity's eternal peace will finally be pulled.
Go back to look at children before they are taught fear;
There, we will discover the values humans we should hold dear.

The Sacred Spirit is not where we divide humanity;
It's, from recorded history: lust, competition, and jealousy.
Cooperation has long been presented as weakness,
But war's continuation, only war, does increase.

If we envisioned "God" as grandmother, not warlord,
Would we then put down our tribes' deadly swords?
There would be no more competition for supremacy,
Only a place of peace where all grandchildren could be.

"Not in my house," the God Grandmother would proclaim.
It would not matter, to her, on whom the fight was to blame.
Combatants would be put out in the yard to fight it out;
Her own Garden of Eden's peace wouldn't be in doubt.

Perhaps it is time that we look to grandmother wisdom,
And find the eternal path to universal peace for all humans.
Let those who choose anarchy or violence to suffer,
Without the vulnerable and innocent as their buffer.

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