Monday, June 3, 2013

How Do You Define Humanity?

The fact is that no matter how we try to deny it; humans are animals. We like to believe that we are a higher breed of animal than those that don't speak in our own words, but we don't all speak in each others words, either.

We have historically bonded on the basis of common language and rituals. In the revealing of the sights and sounds of the universe to all corners and communities on earth, we are seeing similarities in ourselves and others that we were taught to believe did not exist. Perhaps it is time that we stop preening ourselves as so intrinsically special, simply because we walk upright and have less body hair than apes.

Whether or not one believes in evolution of our species on a scientific level, we must start believing in our ability to evolve individually, and as communities. It is imperative that we stop looking at the universe as ourselves and "others," and start believing that we are endowed with the ability to seek The Sacred Spirit it all around us. Instead we continue to act as packs of wolves with only our territorial instincts to guide us.

Humanity is a choice that we can breed into or out of future generations. My definition for humanity is responsible compassion. How do you define humanity?

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