Saturday, June 22, 2013

Human Harmony

Religions have promoted extreme narcissism
In preaching individual salvation through them.
The universal family will never be saved
Without harmony among all humans.

I don't give a damn what the priests may say;
What you put into the universal energy remains.
There is no person or ritual in the universe
That can erase your infliction of pain.

You must offer an equal amount of good
To overcome the amount of negative energy.
It isn't about your eternal happiness;
It's having the universe, from your negative, freed.

We are given the capacity for compassion,
And a prescription for healing wounds.
We must begin the peace process now;
Salvation begins in the silence of our rooms.

If we think about the injustices we promoted,
And their long-ranging, hurtful effects,
We have the capacity for the humility
To, our prideful justifications, reject.

Sorrow doesn't heal the wounds
That are inflicted over and over again;
It simply puts a salve over the area
Where there are still raw sores of pain.

No matter how many times we start over,
Each time trust is abused and broken,
Increases time it takes to heal the wounds;
Confession becomes a meaningless token.

Your "God" may think you're wonderful, but
Relationship between me and The Sacred Spirit,
Comes through working for human harmony
So the whole universe can finally hear it.

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