Friday, June 21, 2013

Nations and Cooperation

It really is all about money, because money buys power:
Why Jesus threw out money changers, in a finest hour.
Jewish Jesus wanted humanity to understand
Wealth without compassion wasn't the measure of man.

To this value system, he rebelled in a most visible way;
Wealth blocked what The Sacred Spirit had to say.
We bring children up to deny that greed and jealousy
Are the passions that continue to destroy humanity.

Our children aren't threatened by others' existence;
They are swayed by our own lack of resistance.
When we follow most fully what we say we believe,
Our children become models for the world we conceive.

I conceive a world of peace through mutual respect,
A value that most of my competitive country rejects.
I may lose my life for promoting cooperation,
But this is what I believe builds great nations.

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