Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sacred Service

It is a fantasy promoted by many that one person or people is born to serve others.
In fact, all who are included in the homo sapiens species are equal sisters and brothers.
The belief that any are more special than others, and deserving of nothing but leisure,
Is something from which everyone in a mother church should be working to free her.

All need the same building blocks of life: nourishment, shelter, and belonging.
Those who, through fear, control these assets, are guilty of humanity's wronging.
There is nobody on earth, prophet or priest, any more sacred than another;
We're all created from the same breath of life: father, mother, sister and brother.

We are all meant to promote each other, as in the game of leap frog,
And all to be as devoted to earth and each other as is a faithful family dog.
When we stop worshiping money and power more than humanity,
Perhaps we will, with all homo sapiens, become one big family.

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