Friday, June 28, 2013

The Infinite, Eternal Spirit

The first thing we should understand is that there are no universal truths in any person's experiences.

All experience is personal perception. Science doesn't know the answers to the workings of the universe; they have prevailing theories. No one person or group has the absolute answers to the "face" of "God." Each person who believes in an an Infinite, Eternal Power of the Universe, sees this power in different ways, depending on their own lenses.

Humans, like other creatures, including plants, clump together to ensure the survival and procreation of that with which they relate. Humans have choices as to how they spread the "seeds" of their fertile minds and Spirit. Aversion to death is natural, even in plants.

Humans have an Intentional Spirit that it seems other species don't have. The more we spread this Sacred Spirit, the more of us lives on for other generations, even into eternity. It should matter not to any of us the genetic code of the physical manifestations of our Spirit. We should each concern ourselves simply with passing it on in a positively productive (responsibly compassionate) manner. 

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