Monday, September 30, 2013

For All Eternity

Today would be my daddy's eighty-eighth birthday; he died deeply lonely and frustrated with the world. It was because his soul cried out for a deeper spiritual connection than he could make in his physical form on this earth. I have lived a longer life than he did, but I have apparently inherited this lonesome longing. I often wish that this physical manifestation of my life could be over. If only I could strip emotion from my sense of The Sacred Spirit, I am sure that I would feel more functional in a meaningful manner. Is there a way to open up to awe without opening up emotionally?

This seems to be the question raised in all attempts to define The Sacred Spirit throughout human history. How much of the sacred can we stand to see in our own individual physically defined and limited lives?  To become fully one with The Sacred Spirit as is manifest in the eternal energy of the universe is the longing of life on earth, but can only become fully realized after we are made manifest in a different ideation of energy.

We can attempt to connect all our spiritual energy with others on earth, but there are many who pull energy from others without any ability or intention to put energy back into earth's atmosphere. When The Sacred Spirit is drained from us by others, we must take time to rejuvenate this energy. Very few will sit with a person who is dying, physically or emotionally, without attempting to distract the one dying and themselves from the great energy exchange that is taking place. Cheering another up is not the same as giving over some of one's own quantity of The Sacred Spirit.

What empty foolishness it seems to me to have people pray for and lay hands on someone who is drained of The Sacred Spirit, rather than to hold the person in one's arms and physically breathe the spirit into the person. Physical ministry to the physical manifestations of The Sacred Spirit are what heals the earth, but these are the efforts that we least appreciate and reward on earth. Even the ministering angels on earth need to eat.

To attempt to use incantations and prayers to obtain what will make the priests and participants feel more powerful is to take away the process of suckling at the level of The Sacred Spirit. When a person simply sits with a dying person and allows them to take what they need, this is the true value of community. "This is my body; this is my blood" is a call to allow The Sacred Spirit of one on earth to absorb The Sacred Spirit of another into one's own physical manifestation in the eternal universe.

When we truly love another as we love ourselves, we will freely offer a part of our own manifestation of The Sacred Spirit to another, realizing that, on an eternal basis, all manifestations of The Sacred Spirit are one with the universe for all eternity.

The religion that both my parents embraced discouraged sharing the physical side of The Sacred Spirit on earth without the intercession of a priest. When my sense of The Sacred Spirit inside myself is waning, I don't need a priest, I need the energy transferred to me through the sounds, scents, arms and eyes of my people. My mother and her mother may have been right; I may be a heathen, after all.

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