Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Take Time To...

When will we stop waiting for the beginnings of salvation?
I believe the heavenly hereafter starts with our earthly nations.
We don't see The Sacred Spirit's manifestations that surround us;
Competition with others is all most seem to discuss.

I've seen how three-year-olds believe in including everyone;
Each also wants to control all the actions for their own fun.
We are told to have faith like that of children; with this I agree,
But we can't force people to see The Sacred Spirit that we see.

Explain yellow to a blind man; the sound of wind to the deaf;
Making "god" a father makes the abused child more bereft.
We should each testify to our own earthly sacred experience
This is the source of sacred scripture, from the beginning and since.

Yet we accept that there's only a limited number of manifestations
Of a power so immense and varied, it is the source of all creation.
The Sacred Spirit is all around us, and especially available to humans
Because free will, and not heredity, is that on which our spirits depend.

We can choose lives that are filled by depriving sisters and brothers,
Or we can blossom in the sharing of the talents of ourselves and others.
We continue to point to the failed patterns of the "sacred" past,
And repeat the same behaviors, though our choices are so vast.

Instead of standing in the streets inviting strangers to our tables,
We are hiding provisions and weapons in our storage stables.
Any path based on fear will never be a true path to peace;
It's time that the "god" of blood lust and war, we finally release.

Are we happy to go backward, where humans were more afraid?
Are do we want to make of all humanity our neighbors, instead?
With hearts to help neighbors, we listen to voices of division.
Based on their immature fears, we make our uninformed decisions.

I've never met a person on earth who had nothing good to teach me,
Even if it was only how, from his or her way of life, to be free.
I've often gone away simply scratching my head in disbelief
That some of the person's behaviors, he/she saw no reason to cease.

In choosing a band of buddies, I prefer those who live in big tents;
I believe that inclusion of all is the mission for which humans are meant.
We have so many ways to perceive and to communicate our perceptions,
Why accept the authority of any one group's acceptance or rejections?

The rich tapestry of life on earth is a pleasure to watch unfold and change.
Even death, if we accept it as new life will, our perceptions, rearrange.
If we see each life on earth as part of the universal life complete,
There will be no reason in humans, for a limited afterlife, to compete.

Does a tree that dies and feeds the soil ask what other lives it will nurture?
Why are we humans so fixated on our individual eternal futures?
It's enough to know that whatever sacred energy that we sow on earth
Is, in eternity, a source of continuing The Sacred Spirit's rebirth.

I know there are many on earth who have been afraid of me,
But there are also many who seem to see The Sacred Spirit that I see.
To some, I am a saint; to some I am anathema or an enemy;
I attempt to make amends, but the balance is left to eternity.

My energy blended with all the eternal energy manifested on the earth,
If balanced as positive, will feed into other positive manifestations' birth.
If what I have contributed balances out as negative energy,
In the best case, my influence will eventually cease to be.

Some have had such powerful positive lives that they still radiate
Energy that inflames the passions of those who wish, them, to emulate.
I would love to radiate such a powerful positive that I will live forever,
Not in one person or plant, but in many life-affirming endeavors.

We call people prophets who walk directly through history
And predict new answers that aren't accepted as probabilities.
Prophets aren't sent to tell humanity what has already transpired;
They are sent to tell humans the possibilities they haven't tried.

There are many who have given their lives over to instruct humans
On the ways that the universe needs us combined as eternal friends.
Perhaps we really don't want to combine all sacred spiritual energy
Because we envision, without conflict, earth will be interest free.

It would be nice if we would try peace on earth as an experiment;
It seems that this would give us a glimpse of the eternal firmament.
There's excitement in watching new growth, as there is in conquest.
It only takes humans slowing down to put peace to the test.

Take time to smell and prune the roses and to comfort a crying baby,
Time to appreciate all effort that went into creating food that's savory,
Time to appreciate the sight, smell, touch, and taste of a lover or child;
We may realize the heavenly space is happening on earth all the while

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