Monday, November 11, 2013

After Alchemy - A Focused Female Fight

Can we continue the conversations, brought up from the depths of our souls,
Or will we carry on at home as if, each in isolation, can be whole?
How I long for a circle with my strongest friends,
To continue in Alchemy, as the conference now ends.

I felt more in tune with the women admitting they are warriors;
Praying while in action is the way that I approach any cause.
There are many women warriors fighting only through prayer;
Do they have no action toward which to direct the rage that we share?

While we are admitting that our world is in emergency,
It seems, now is not the time to be seeking sweet serenity.
I was not trained for woman's circle, which caused some discomfort.
My old patterns of conversation, and relationships, may have hurt.

I was called down, more than once, for my obvious anger.
Did those calling me down feel that they were in danger?
Righteous anger is killing us, when it's internalized;
It is a potent fuel for action, when it's realized.

When a woman feels her family is about to be attacked,
A protective, outraged mother can stop a bear in it's tracks.
It doesn't escalate to violence, in most cases of threats,
The angrier she is, the bigger her aura gets.

We must stop licking our own wounds; the pain will not disappear.
We must channel our pain and anger to protect what we hold dear.
Who will be our leaders, uniting all the peaceful clans?
Who will be our warriors to do the work the battle demands?

Who will feed our community? Food holds us all together.
Who will hold the babies and keep the youngsters on their tethers?
Who will tend to our dying and elderly as their spirits return to the universe?
These are the topics around which I'm desperate to converse.

How much longer do we women have to hold our passions in check?
An impenetrable circle is the way to, our communities, protect.
If each woman's circle connected their talents for action with every other,
We could change the world with the strong chain of earth mothers.

Each woman must proclaim and offer her one greatest power;
No one person can hold more than one position in the eleventh hour.
We must celebrate and trust the committed competence of each other;
The earth can't resist the pressure of a singly focused chain of mothers.

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