Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Friend Maite

My friend Maite is an attorney in her native land, Venezuela. In my country, attorneys are taught to turn off their hearts in order to favor their heads. This is so not in keeping with the basic concept of justice, but competition has consumed the concept of Judeo-Christianity. I know that Maite has not succeeded in becoming callous to compassion, as she still can smell the air wafting from my condo and know when I am cooking specifically for her tastes.

I am not sure how I will ever make peace between passion and propriety, but know that I feel honored by those who appreciate my efforts at making them feel special. I may never understand the efforts of so many to pretend they are self-sufficient, not only physically, but in their feelings. I continue to reach out and continue to be ridiculed as arrogant for believing that anyone would want some of what I have to give.

I feel completely loved by very few, but the few include my friend Maite because she is always happy with whatever I have to give.

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